Bushels of Wonderful Apples!

Liberty appleWe are now picking wonderful Liberty apples!  These deep red beauties have a crisp, sweet flavor and are great for eating fresh and cooking. We still have Freedoms available and will be picking Enterprise toward the end of October.  We have many more apples than we can store right now so we are offering bushels for sale.  Now is the time to think of stocking up for the winter!

Bushels (40lbs) are  $60.00 (Perfect for storage of whole apples)
Bushels of slightly blemished are $40.00 (perfect for making pies, applesauce, cider and freezing)

Bushels must be pre-ordered by emailing Jassy at jassy.bratko@gmail.com so we can have them ready for pick-up at your convenience.

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