Our Farm

Happy Cows and Merry Pigs!

We are a farm in Massachusetts committed to land conservation and farming practices that protect the health and biodiveristy of our land and the well-being of our animals. We fertilize them using a fish/seaweed foliar spray and wood ash. Our livestock are raised in ways that reflect their natural habitat. Our pigs live in the woodlands of our farm, supplementing their diet by rooting around in the ground as they love to do. They are fed certified organic grain, whey from Robinson Farm, a local organic dairy, and fruit from our own orchard. Our steers graze in our pastures in the summer.  They are never fed grain.


In 2012 New England Clean Energy installed sixty-five 235w solar panels with Enphase microinverters on our barns and house.  This 15,000Kw system provides over 90% of our electrical needs including household use, multiple freezers and coolers and livestock tank heaters.  By helping to eliminate carbon from the atmosphere we are making our farm more sustainable.  We have taught workshops, lectured at conferences and have been featured in several magazine articles.  We offer farm tours several times during the year.

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