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Fall Color Means Beautiful Enterprise Apples!

enterprise apples

The farm is ablaze with color now and that means we are now picking beautiful Enterprise apples! These are firm and crisp, with a spicy aroma and mild tartness. They are wonderful for fresh eating and cooking and one of the best apples for long term storage. They will keep under refrigeration or in a good root cellar until spring. Their flavor only improves with storage too.

bench field folieage

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Bushels of Wonderful Apples!

Liberty appleWe are now picking wonderful Liberty apples!  These deep red beauties have a crisp, sweet flavor and are great for eating fresh and cooking. We still have Freedoms available and will be picking Enterprise toward the end of October.  We have many more apples than we can store right now so we are offering bushels for sale.  Now is the time to think of stocking up for the winter!

Bushels (40lbs) are  $60.00 (Perfect for storage of whole apples)
Bushels of slightly blemished are $40.00 (perfect for making pies, applesauce, cider and freezing)

Bushels must be pre-ordered by emailing Jassy at so we can have them ready for pick-up at your convenience.

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Its Apple Season at High Meadow Farm!

Freedom ApplesIts apple season here at High Meadow Farm!  We have a wonderful crop of certified organic fruit this year and right now we are picking Freedom apples.  These crisp, juicy apples are a cross between a Macoun x Antonovka with a sprightly flavor that is good for fresh eating or cooking.  They are a great addition to cider and will store well in your regrigerator for up to 3 months!  We are also fully stocked with bacon and all cuts of pork and beef, in addition to maple syrup and Hubbardston honey.


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The Plums are Ready!

plums in JulyThe beautiful orchard bloom in the spring has translated to a bounteous crop of fruit this summer and we are happy to say that the plums are ready!  These are the small, almost cherry size variety that are just full of sweet, juicy, deliciousness.  We are also happy to say that we now have pork chops, spare ribs and country style ribs back  in stock.  Pork pairs wonderfully with fruit of any kind and is particularly good with plums.  Check out the recipe for Plum Maple Sauce at the end of this post.  This year we also have our own raspberries available in the store.

If you are having trouble deciding what meat to buy try our Sampler of the Month.  This July it consists of:

2lbs Ground Beef
3lb Sausage of your choice (breakfast, sweet Italian, hot or ground pork)
1lb Beef Kabobs
1lb Sirloin Steak
1/2 Chicken (min 2.25lbs)

This is all packaged in a reusable High Meadow Farm shopping bag for a cost of $75.00.  If you would like a sampler please email Jassy at

Maple Plum Sauce makes a good side dish for chicken, ground pork or breakfast sausage patties too.

High Meadow Farm Maple Plum Sauce

1lb High Meadow Farm Plums, pitted and quartered
1 cup High Meadow Farm Maple Syrup
1 cup red wine
1/4 cup Dijon mustard

Bring the plums, syrup, wine and mustard to a boil.  Reduce heat to low and simmer until reduced by one-third, about 1 hour 15 minutes.

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Spectacular Bloom in the Orchard, our May Sampler and introducing Hamburger Bundles!

Full bloom in the orchardThe bloom in the orchard was spectacular this year!  The trees were brimming over with blossoms and we’re hoping for a plentiful fruit crop.

In honor of the start of grilling season we are introducing our Hamburger Bundles – buy 10lbs of ground beef and get 1lb free.  These must be pre-ordered so drop us an email to let us know when you would like to pick it up!

We are also introducing our May sampler which consists of:

2lb ground beef

2lb stew beef

2lb sausage (please specify sweet Italian, hot, breakfast or ground pork)

1 package country stlyle ribs (1.25lb minimum)

2 sirloin strip steaks (total 1.3lb minimum)

1 dozen eggs

1lb free liver

The sampler comes packaged in our reusable High Meadow Farm shopping bag and must be pre-ordered.




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Introducing our February Sampler!

Our February Sampler includes:

2lb Ground Beef

2lb Stew Beef

2lb Sausage (please specify breakfast, sweet Italian, hot or ground pork)

1 Ham Steak (1.5lb minimum)

1/2 Chicken (1.5lb minimum)

1 Package Pork Chops (2 per package 1lb minimum)

Packaged in our High Meadow Farm Reusable Shopping Bag

Cost $75.00

Please email Jassy at to order.




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2015 Pasture Raised Chicken

We are now taking orders for our 2015 pasture raised chickens!  Please check the chicken page of our website for full details!

chicken picture high meadow farm

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Introducing High Meadow Farm Samplers!

We are excited to introduce our new High Meadow Farm Samplers!  Each month we will feature a different combination of our products for you to enjoy at one discounted price and packaged in our High Meadow Farm shopping bags. These must be preordered by dropping Jassy an email.  This month our sampler costs $75 and features:

2 packages ground beef (minimum 2lbs)
2 packages stew beef (minimum 2lbs)
1lb London Broil
2 packages sausage (please specify breakfast, sweet Italian, hot or ground pork – minimum 2lbs)
2 Strip Steaks (minimum of 1.25lbs)
1/2  Chicken (minimum of 2.25lbs)

shopping bag

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We picked Enterprise Apples today!

They are juicy with spicy, full rich flavor. The flavor is very good at harvest and it improves after storage. They are great for fresh eating or cooking. Supplies are very limited though so get them while you can!enterprise apple

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Apple Season is Finally Here!

Today we picked our Liberty apples!  These are a great desert apple similar to a Macoun.  The flavor is sweet/tart and improves with storage.  They are excellent for cooking too.

Due to an over abundance of apples last year we have a very light crop of apples this year. Our Freedom and Redfrees didn’t produce any fruit and we will have a very limited supply our Liberty and Enterprise.  We should be picking Enterprise in the next couple of weeks and we look forward to offering a small amount of Goldrush for the first time this year. Those will come near the end of apple season.

Stop by the farmstand and enjoy some apples while they last!

Liberty apple

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